Congratulations on your engagement and may God bless you as you prepare for the Sacrament of Matrimony.  The community of St. Pius X wishes to assist you in your preparation and wants to support you in your married life.

St. Pius X offers the Sponsor Couple approach to marriage preparation for engaged couples.

In this “like-to-like” ministry, one experienced and well-trained married couple meets, in their own home, with one or more engaged couples.  They agree to gather together for several sessions (usually five) to develop the engaged couple’s understanding of Christian marriage and increase their awareness of each other’s values and attitudes.

The Sponsor Couple and engaged couple work together to deepen spirituality, improve communication and conflict resolution, and increase appreciation of human sexuality and family life.  The topical discussions between the couples will be tailored to the specific strengths and needs of the engaged couple.  We hope this personalized preparation will assist you in building a loving, lasting marriage in the Lord.

Other forms of Marriage Preparation are offered by the Archdiocese of Baltimore.  These include Pre-Cana and Engaged Encounter.  You may contact the Archdiocese at 410-547-5420.

To reserve St. Pius X Church for your wedding date, please call the parish office at 410.427.7500.  Note: St. Pius does NOT currently have a Mass on Saturdays and offers time flexibility for that day.


The Engaged Couple contacts the parish by calling (410) 427-7500 or email at least six months prior to the wedding date.  The Sponsor Couple process is discussed.

After the initial conversation and the completion of the registration materials, a Sponsor Couple will be assigned for the engaged couple.  Careful consideration is given to this assignment, based on the special strengths and needs of the engaged couple.  The Sponsor Couple contacts the engaged couple.  They introduce themselves, and set a date and time for the first session.

Materials to assist the couples will include workbooks, family planning information, budget worksheets, and FOCCUS or FACET inventory.  The Sponsor Couple will share their own stories and experiences of Christian married life.

The cost of the sponsor couple is $135 if neither of the engaged couple were previously married, and $155 if either or both were previously married.