Kent Bange, Facilities Manager

kentbangeAs Facilities Manager at St Pius X, Kent is responsible for making sure that the parish physical plant operates efficiently. A 22-year veteran at SPX, Kent served as the parish representative during the church’s 2009 renovation.

Prior to joining us, Kent worked for The Society of St. Sulpice, where Fr. Louis Reitz was Treasurer. During that time, Kent worked on the renovations to the old seminary chapel on Paca Street, an apartment building for the Sulpicians, and at the seminaries in Baltimore and Washington. Fr. Lou Reitz was instrumental in bringing Kent to SPX.

In addition to this work at St. Pius, Kent has lent his building management knowledge and talents for 21 years to the condominium association where he lives.  This work has helped Kent build an even broader experience base for his work here at SPX.

Contact Information

(410) 427-7509